... fluently and in short time I translate any text from English, Spanish or French into German or vice versa.

No matter if it concerns a text of general or business character or if its about technical issues, economy, software or tourism.  This all will be translated quickly and correctly by me.

I am working with excellent translation programs (several times awarded) which guarantee a short processing time.

Of course, the text is then checked and corrected due to the valid grammar rules, expression style and typical character of the respective target language.

Please send me your document per
as a Word, Excel, Powerpoint or text file and you will get it back perfectly translated within a few time as a new document (references can be obtained).

Prices: due to kind and level of the text:
     between 0,51 and 0,91 €/ line.
            At large orders we offer a discount
            price of at least 18,- € per page.






Translations for all purposes:

  • business letters

  • menue cards

  • hotel descriptions

  • newspaper articles

  • specialist literature

  • user manuals

  • technical instructions

  • any kind of reports

  • and many more...





    The world speaks many
     languages...     Do you?



  Julia Kempenich

  foreign language
  secretary (
certified) and

  translator (certified) for
  English and Spanish,
  French as well

  fluente translations
  Stielstr. 16
  D-56355 Nastaetten

  phone ++49-6772-953028
  fax      ++49-6772-953229




fluente translation services - Julia Kempenich (Germany)
Stielstr. 16 - D-56355 Nastätten - phone: ++49- 6772-953028 - fax ++49- 6772-953229 - email: julia.kempenich@fluente.de